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non- - non - (2017)

[Jan 11,2018 4:39pm - non-  ""]
[Jan 12,2018 10:39am - There can be only 1  ""]

[Jan 12,2018 11:27am - only boyd is real  ""]

There%20can%20be%20only%201 said:

[Jan 12,2018 2:39pm - susurrate ""]
i know nothing about this boyd guy except that he was in that death in june band that bespectacled people with weird haircuts like and that some moron from my town who i have the displeasure of dealing with in a professional setting once said he was "friends with him in california until he started with the nazi stuff"

[Jan 12,2018 3:17pm - only boyd is real  ""]
i went to a screening of the hours long boyd rice documentary (which he has since disavowed of course). some funny parts, he just seems to be a huge fuckin attention whore.

doesnt lisa suckdog still live around here?
[Jan 12,2018 3:57pm - RTTP DEPARTMENT OF DAD QUIPS  ""]
Non interesting
[Jan 12,2018 10:14pm - GEL US GUISE  ""]
no non-point no care
[Jan 12,2018 10:19pm - RTTP DEPARTMENT OF DAD QUIPS  ""]
bullet with my daughters boyfriends name on it

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