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grandmotherweb has no life!

[May 11,2018 1:06pm - grandmotherweb ""]

ElderlyManWithAfewIQpoints said:Encouraging beating up peaceful protestors at his rallies puts him in the same league as Antifa and all of their lying friends in the mainstream media.

^ truth

also, my venue closed about a year before I got on disability. it is hardly a luxurious lifestyle.

venues are precious things in a scene beset by Christian censors. Antifa and friends need to stop encouraging the kind of violence that results in property damage and bands getting blacklisted for no reason.
[May 11,2018 6:51pm - WRong  ""]

ElderlyManWithAfewIQpoints said:And if you are going to say that it is ok to oppress all Muslims because a minority of them has committed terrorist attacks then logically you must also commit to oppressing the gun rights of all gun owners because of the mass shootings committed by a minority of them.

Of course for lefties the reverse is true. If it is ok to hate on all white males because a minority of them have committed mass murder or acts of sexism then it is logically also acceptable to hate on All Muslims because a minority of them have committed mass murders and acts of sexism.

Both commies and fascists seem to be unable to think critically. I have to say though, the commies seem to be more mainstream on the left than the fascists are on the right.

I used to be a liberal. But liberals are all commies these days. I am feelin pushed towards libertarianism even though there was a time when I would have supported universal health care. I would, but not if that means communism and all the other insanity occurring on the left these days. I would not vote for Bernie this time around if he is going to be encouraging these nut jobs.

I won't vote trump though. He is against free speech too. Encouraging beating up peaceful protestors at his rallies puts him in the same league as Antifa and all of their lying friends in the mainstream media.

Wrong wrong wrong.....you take a muslim and actually break down their belief system you will find out they are against anything western. They are just allowed by their own religious beliefs to lie to the "enemy".

Go to dearborn MI, go there and protest free speech.

A christian in any country will not fuck with you physically on the real just because your something they are not. We are beyond that and it's more rare than nomral. Although in almost any and every muslim dominated country.....YOU WILL be fucked with physically for what and who you are right now in the united states.

Focusing your fucking anger on the government of the united states where you are allowed to be almost anything you want to be without fear of immediant and 100% death or high chance of physical violence.

You fucking douchebags have been directed to be pissed off at each other while the actual real threat to the world is in Arab countries.

Fuck you both anti-fakes and trump sheeps...both sides are trash fighting for the wrong cause and fighting against fellow citizen of your own country.

Welcome to the civil war mentality gj. Righty lefty bullshit you are really fucked if you place yourself in any of those 2 catagories.


[May 11,2018 9:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]

WRong said:
A christian in any country will not fuck with you physically on the real just because your something they are not. We are beyond that and it's more rare than nomral.

bullshit. you clearly didn't grow up in the South. #GetRaptured
[May 12,2018 8:26am - Amomomous  ""]
Grandmadouche...post evidence or shut the fuck up. Your views are not only pointless hatred, but highly unfounded on anything of substance. How exactly are Christians censoring you?
[May 12,2018 10:48am - Observant Troll  ""]
She's just an insufferable crybaby who plays victim for attention.
[May 12,2018 2:39pm - anonymous  ""]
[May 12,2018 3:52pm - King Thùnderstōol's Ghost  ""]

[May 12,2018 4:21pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I got beat up on the regular by Christians while growing up in Alabama, for being a tomboy. suck my dick.
[May 12,2018 6:11pm - Amomomous  ""]
Based upon how you behave, you probably needed to be beat up.
[May 12,2018 6:13pm - Amomomous  ""]
Did they carry crosses? How did you know that they were Christians? Did they shout out Jesus's name as they did so? Methinks you are a lying sack of shit.
[May 12,2018 9:30pm - grandmotherweb ""]
98% of everyone in Alabama is Christian, except for me. I converted to atheism at age 11, and got socially ostracized for it.
[May 12,2018 9:32pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Christians are the bane of my existence.

"Spare the rod, spoil the child!" "God hates fags!" "God doesn't make mistakes!"
[May 12,2018 9:32pm - anonymous  ""]
[May 12,2018 11:19pm - grandmotherweb ""]
[May 13,2018 8:09am - Amomomous  ""]
Pffftt.....a Kim Kelly article. She's not a piece of shit or anything.
[May 13,2018 12:13pm - grandmotherweb ""]
tell us your name, so we can all know what a piece of shit you aren't.
[May 13,2018 12:45pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Ash is going through withdrawals from sex addiction (an occupational hazard for sex workers).
He is also being scapegoated online for all the failings of the Satanic Temple's entire organization, which he is certainly not responsible for.


see that peg up his ass? that's my dick.
[May 13,2018 2:26pm - Amomomous  ""]
who the fuck is Ash and who cares?
[May 13,2018 4:59pm - metalguynottrolling  ""]
Hey Grandmothers web. This forum probably isn't the best place to get folks sympathetic to the struggles you've experienced. Too much trolling and anonymity etc. I am sympathetic, sounds like you've been through a lot with the DID and your experiences down south. Unfortunately this forum is one where people are often very harsh to each other and attack any perceived vulnerability.
I imagine for myself that if I opened up a lot on here and people just trolled me I would have a hard time with it. Maybe it doesn't bother you as much though.
[May 13,2018 6:01pm - grandmotherweb ""]
call it a fetish.
[May 13,2018 9:03pm - Amomomous  ""]
Yeah....she's too dumb to get it. $10 says she responds to this.
[May 13,2018 10:18pm - anonymous  ""]
[May 13,2018 10:25pm - NH Brufaggotry‘s Ghost  ""]
She owes me $18!
[May 14,2018 12:08pm - grandmotherweb ""]
no one is going to pay you $18, or $10, or any amount of $, just for posting on this forum.

clearly, I've been here longer than you.
[May 14,2018 2:57pm - Amomomous  ""]
Dude, you owe me. Told you she'd respond.
[May 14,2018 3:00pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I keep my friends close and my enemies even closer.

who do you think is going to pay you money, exactly?
[May 14,2018 4:02pm - Sad but sad  ""]
Well looks like I was 100% right in regards to my points on all religion being bad. Yet again gmommyweb, nor anyone else here can refute me.

<3 gmommyweb
[May 14,2018 8:46pm - Amomomous  ""]
She's a retard.
[May 14,2018 9:51pm - But sad But  ""]
You're a retarded retard.
[May 14,2018 10:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]
it's TurtleBoy.
[May 15,2018 7:40am - Amomomous  ""]
Obsess much? No, it's not.
[May 15,2018 12:21pm - grandmotherweb ""]
says the guy obsessed with getting me to stop posting here.
[May 15,2018 3:16pm - Amomomous  ""]
Seriously...with all of my heart. I am not affiliated with Turtleshit in any way. I'm just a bystander that you annoy the shit out of. You're annoying because you obsess over the same stupid shit regularly. Get a fucking life, grow the fuck up. Who gives a shit what anyone says about anything? I'm not trying to suppress your voice, just to make you shut the fuck up about the SAME OLD SHIT DAY AFTER MISERABLE DAY. Fucking A....move the fuck on. Nobody gives 2 flying shits about your DID or whatever the fuck mental problems you have....seriously, nobody in the whole world gives a flying rat's ass. Protesting....just a dumb waste of time. I mean seriously, think about it. Do you honestly think that anyone with opposing views gives a concrete fuck that you stand around outside like a jobless dolt because you don't agree with their views? Nobody has ever or will ever change their mind over your ridiculous protest. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey kid...the world doesn't care about you or your opinions. Now post some metal or just shut the fuck up...you have repeatedly annoyed the fuck out of everyone on this site. Fuck Turtleboy, Fuck TST, and fuck you. Signing off, the good advice guy.
[May 15,2018 6:17pm - grandmotherweb ""]
tell that to Ash Astaroth.
[May 15,2018 6:18pm - grandmotherweb ""]
here's the metal track I am performing to in my profile pic on FB:

[May 15,2018 11:44pm - FUCK IT  ""]
[May 16,2018 5:18pm - grandmotherweb ""]
Ash and I are now totally besties forevs.


and his former spokesman is SUPER JEALOUS, BTW.

bye, FeLucien!
[May 17,2018 12:02am - Buttseksdoe  ""]
I fucking hate TST....They should rename it to Hot Topic appresh group...or Hey we were scene in 2004 and overdid it so now we jerk off to "evil" imaginary.
[May 17,2018 1:30am - anonymous  ""]
[May 17,2018 1:20pm - grandmotherweb ""]
TST = Trendy Shit Towne

the whole anarcho-nihilist punk thing went out in the 90's.
[May 17,2018 3:34pm - anonymous  ""]
[May 17,2018 4:37pm - metalguynottrolling  ""]
Tough crowd.
[May 17,2018 11:04pm - VEGANVEGENENA  ""]

grandmotherweb said:TST = Trendy Shit Towne

the whole anarcho-nihilist punk thing went out in the 90's.

I agree, bunch of try hards. Their artwork is elementary at best...at BEST.

Also rumor has it that they are heavily broke and only surviving from membership dues and contributions. They have easily burned the (witches) bridges of anyone serious interested parties that would want to financially support them due to how poorly they present their ideals.

[May 18,2018 4:44am - NH Brufaggotry‘s Ghost  ""]
You owe me $18 Charlotte!
[May 18,2018 11:33am - grandmotherweb ""]
they are some $160k+ in debt from their abortion lawsuit in Missouri, and they're going further into debt by suing Arkansas over their 10 Commandments monument.

but no, Ash gets excommunicated and all mention of him erased from TST's social media, including the NYC chapter which he founded, just for talking to me online. #ScorchedEarth
[May 18,2018 11:39am - grandmotherweb ""]
Lucien Craven Coward is jealous of the fact that Ash and I talk openly about our mental health issues on public forums, the very same issues that TST's Ghey Fraction claims to care so much about.

what we have here is a cis het dude and a cis gay dude fighting to the death over a bisexual genderqueer chick whom neither of them is fucking, because we're all CRAZY. #CrayBFF

[May 18,2018 1:37pm - grandmotherweb ""]

Bye, FeLucien!
[May 18,2018 4:28pm - Amomomous  ""]
you said the same about turtleboy...nothing has changed. False flags are false.
[May 18,2018 4:35pm - grandmotherweb ""]
we'll see, won't we?

how many Twitter accounts has TurtleBoy lost, at this point? who's counting?
[May 18,2018 7:22pm - anonymous  ""]

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