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Of Feather and Bone, Tomb Mold, and GOG tonight at O'Briens

O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA) - [gog][of_feather_and_bone][tomb_mold]
[Jun 24,2018 10:35pm - the_reverend ""]
Well of Feather and Bone is about to play. Tomb Mold just crushed it. I'm excited that the headliner is on the stage at 10:40!
[Jun 25,2018 12:41am - the_reverend ""]
[Jun 25,2018 9:01am - the_reverend ""]
what a great show. I need to get that of feather and bone new thing.
[Jun 25,2018 9:29am - Fags  ""]
Hipster death metal ha ha ha ha ok fags
[Jun 25,2018 9:45am - susurrate ""]

Lyrical themes: Bloodborne, Dark Souls

thought 'tomb mold' sounded familiar for some reason. got some of that in the chalice dungeons.
[Jun 25,2018 10:01am - bandcamp troll  ""]
Tomb Mold is a great band
[Jun 25,2018 10:10am - Fags  ""]
Hipster band for fags like you fags
[Jun 25,2018 10:17pm - AUTOPSY_666 ""]
Front page says TOM MOLD, hehe.
[Nov 27,2018 7:08am - GrahamMason  ""]
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