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Nov 9 (Fri) - ACxDC(LA), Escuela(WMASS/NY), Fluoride(Philly), Kidnapped(CT), Ampallang Infection(Baltimore), Dicksucker, Horrible Earth,Brain Famine, Human Ignorance, Immobilzer - ONCE (Somerville, MA)

TONIGHT: Mass Grindviolence in the ballroom ACxDC, Escuela, and more

ONCE (Sommerville, MA) - [acxdc][ampallang_infection][brain_famine][dick_sucker][escuela][fluoride][human__ignorance][immobilizer][kidnapped][scalp_the_pioneer]
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[Nov 9,2018 12:02pm - the_reverend ""]


11:30 ACxDC(LA)
11:00 Escuela(WMASS/NY)
10:30 Fluoride(Philly)
10:00 Kidnapped(CT)
9:30 Ampallang Infection(Baltimore)
9:00 Dicksucker
8:30 Brain Famine
8:00 Human Ignorance
7:30 Immobilizer
7:00 Scalp the Pioneer

ONCE Ballroom.
[Nov 9,2018 7:23pm - the_reverend ""]
Got here Just in the nick of time to see scalp the pioneer start. They sounded like 2002. Starting off with them was exactly what I needed tonight
[Nov 9,2018 8:29pm - the_reverend ""]
Very catchy and heavy riffs.

Immobilizer: Kyle and Mark! Great seeing their band

Human ignorance started people moshing.
[Nov 9,2018 9:45pm - the_reverend ""]
Brain famine was great.

Dick sucker... I will keep their identities a secret. Pretty great 1-10 second songs.

Ampallang Infection. The singer/drum machine operator totally answered my question. They had clear altar thing on the stage. I was curious how they packed up that podium to bring it from Baltimore. Turns out he found it back stage.
[Nov 10,2018 2:27am - the_reverend ""]
[Nov 10,2018 10:29am - joeyscalp  ""]
Thank you so much Aaron, awesome to see you

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