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BEDTIMEMAGIC / Easter Bloodhounds to release split 10" "Turn The Bass Down, You Fucks."

[Jan 15,2019 5:58pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
Due out in the late spring



BEDTIMEMAGIC / Easter Bloodhounds split
“Turn The Bass Down, You Fucks.” - 23:51

(bedtimeboston.bandcamp.com // realbedtimemagic@gmail.com)
“King Size”
“Guest Cot”

Side B – Easter Bloodhounds
(easterbloodhounds1.bandcamp.com // easterbloodhounds@gmail.com)
“Going Down”
“On Fire”

Available as digital download, 10-inch vinyl, or on streaming services.

What we have here are seven songs of trashed out, noise-laden rock ‘n roll. Interwoven with gristle bass lines, feedback showers, drums ignite and burn across every single track.

BEDTIMEMAGIC’s two-dog trash rock brings the beast on side “A”; four cuts of melancholy dystopia from a two-person band. “King Size”, clocking in at just under a minute, is a ballad of disdain. Grief casts overtones of frustration into the mix, with the bass and drums duo colliding into “CPAP”, faster in rhythm but slightly longer in duration, coughing up a garbage aria about alcoholism, self-hate, and living to die. “Guest Cot” pushes the clock further along only to stop short at the end of a drone segment. And “W.I.L.D.” does speed trials into a ditch.

Easter Bloodhounds does not pull any punches on side “B”. Eating away at your psyche, these three degenerates chew up riffs and spit them back out all over the sonic spectrum. Aarne pumps low end like a coked-up gas station attendant hell bent on dousing your car. This guy eats only 7-11 hot dogs, so better drive safely! Jon Christopher holds nothing back on “Going Down”, begging you to bury his body at the very least six feet below. The guitars are so saturated and resonant that they will solicit animals in your neighborhood to bark for the full duration of this vinyl. “On Fire” cranks more fuel into the pyre with Jon Somers pissing on to your hopes and dreams. He hits the skins , and I’m not talking about pork, though Somers is an avid meat smoker and BBQ Pit Boss. The last track, “D.I.Y”, has been a set closer for EB for the past few years. It finishes with the guitar canvas locking into a groove and sitting there until you leave your damn chair to turn it off.

The entire recording was done by Krishna Jain of Guitar Garage – Boston luthier and restoration service – and of the defunct posi-hardcore band Crucial Youth. It was recorded “live style”, whereas all of the instruments and most of the vocals were shot out of the same canon at the same time. This gives the entire process a raw, hurried feel, which does help to reinforce how piquantly energetic each group truly is. Mixing was done in part at the Guitar Garage and at Nicholas Pentabona’s Den of Antiquity in Methuen. Carl Saff (Child Bite / Fu Manchu / Fifteen / Kowloon Walled City) mastered the record at his studio in Chicago, Illinois; he also cut the lacquers. The final product was pressed by Furnace Manufacturing.

Both bands hail from the Boston, Massachusetts area. BEDTIMEMAGIC is Morgan Berns and Nicholas Pentabona. Easter Bloodhounds is Aarne Victorine, Jon Somers, and Jon Christopher. The 10” pink / white album (vaguely titled “Turn Down The Bass, You Fucks.” after a note left on the door of the Easter Bloodhounds practice space) is self-released by the band members collectively. It can be purchased through various distributors, stores, and online via their BandCamp pages.

To carry this record at your establishment, for reviews, interviews, comments, questions, or sample copies -- please contact the bands directly.
[Jan 15,2019 10:22pm - susurrate ""]
too much description/pre-illustration. listening to the linked track now. sounds mean. like it.
[Jan 16,2019 10:41am - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
Yeah I hate writing press releases. It's like writing porn for music.
[Jan 16,2019 3:12pm - susurrate ""]
Theres a reason some srs black metal bands commit to mystical anonymity man, not all of us can actually have a good time and hit up the local public access stations for some good time exposure :p

Being serious for a second, I hope I can catch one of your gigs soon. Any thought on going west of worcester for a set?
[Jan 20,2019 11:47am - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]

susurrate said:Theres a reason some srs black metal bands commit to mystical anonymity man, not all of us can actually have a good time and hit up the local public access stations for some good time exposure :p

Being serious for a second, I hope I can catch one of your gigs soon. Any thought on going west of worcester for a set?

We played Western MA once. Didn't go so well.

That said, I tried to get us out there last year but couldn't round anything up. I'd be willing to try again for sure.
[Jan 20,2019 1:47pm - susurrate ""]
it's a mixed bag around my neck of the woods. i don't go to shows much so i'll admit to being a contributor to the problem, but truthfully, there isn't a whole lot going on west of worcester that appeals to what i like. i don't like going to shows by default just because there's a show.

if you wind up playing a gig around here i'll show up though. i like BTM.
[Jan 22,2019 1:24am - Susan  ""]
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[Feb 9,2019 11:08pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]


[Feb 15,2019 1:32pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
Presale is up and live
[Feb 15,2019 10:31pm - nobody cares  ""]
that is a large snare
[Feb 20,2019 6:25pm - the_taste_of_cigarettes ""]
Playing Friday at O'Brien's, both bands.

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