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Thursday April 11th 2019. Sinmara (Iceland), Suffering Hour (MN), Infera Bruo, & Legions Descend @ Ralph's in Worcester

Ralph's (Worcester, MA) - [infera_bruo][legions_descend][sinmara][suffering_hour]
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[Feb 10,2019 1:23pm - KEVORD ""]


Thursday April 11th 2019


Sinmara (Black Metal from Iceland featuring members of Svartidauši, Slidhr and Almyrkvi. First U.S.Tour)

Suffering Hour (MN. Black / Death Metal)

Infera Bruo (New England Black Metal. Prosthetic Records)

Legions Descend (MA. Melodic black/death metal)


Ralph's Rock Diner
148 Grove St.
Worcester MA.
[Feb 10,2019 4:45pm - Boston Beer Pointer  ""]
Wake me when the good bands plays
[Feb 10,2019 7:18pm - susurrate ""]
I will go to this if I can get the night off. Suffering Hour is good.
[Mar 5,2019 10:20am - KEVORD ""]

[Mar 5,2019 11:07am - Boston Beer Pointer  ""]
What a fucking snooze fest

Just because a band is from an island doesn't mean they are good
[Mar 5,2019 1:11pm - GOEGRAPHICALLY NICE COCK MAN  ""]

Boston%20Beer%20Pointer said:What a fucking snooze fest

Just because a band is from an island doesn't mean they are good

^ no one asked you. All bands are from island as every continent on earth is surrounded by a body of water. RETARD
[Mar 5,2019 6:14pm - Spydre ""]
It's worth going for Suffering Hour alone
[Mar 5,2019 9:05pm - susurrate ""]

Spydre said:It's worth going for Suffering Hour alone

agreed. requested friday off so i can go to this and stay for the duration. i'll be there so feel free to say hi or king thunderstool me.
[Mar 23,2019 9:29am - KEVORD ""]

[Mar 24,2019 3:02pm - double yoo tee eff  ""]

susurrate said:
or king thunderstool me.

WTF is that supposed to mean?
[Mar 24,2019 7:48pm - grandmotherweb ""]
stalk you and threaten to kill you?
[Mar 26,2019 2:58pm - ...  ""]
or threaten to burn down the building then shoot horse in the basement instead?
[Mar 26,2019 7:35pm - susurrate ""]

double%20yoo%20tee%20eff said:
susurrate said:
or king thunderstool me.

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Typo. So many missing words that I forget what the joke was supposed to be. Probably was writing on mobile.
[Apr 3,2019 9:29am - KEVORD ""]

[Apr 10,2019 12:10pm - KEVORD ""]
[Apr 11,2019 3:14pm - the_reverend ""]
looking forwards to this tonight.
[Apr 12,2019 1:36am - the_reverend ""]
[Apr 12,2019 4:26pm - SonOvWolf ""]
Legions Descend had sound problems due to the sound guy not paying attention. Not my thing but it's a shame when a band gets shafted by a bad mix.
Infera Bruo was excellent, super tight. Very underappreciated but picking up steam.
Suffering Hour DESTROYED and after 4 songs, played Dwell in its entirety (18 minutes!)
Sinmara was great, very hypnotic. I kinda zoned out from the $!.50 gennys and weed. All in all a great show!
[Apr 14,2019 8:52am - Fuck you  ""]
^ your first rttp post ever? Fuck you and welcome to the board!

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