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CODEX OBSCURUM PRESENTS announces retirement from booking shows

[May 13,2019 3:28pm - Sad Music Fan  ""]
Codex Obscurum Presents will no longer be booking shows after 2019.
As you know, booking shows and bringing bands in from all over can be very taxing on the mental health and also the wallet of the person responsible for booking.
This is sad news indeed.

Thank you for everything you've done.
[May 14,2019 9:06pm - susurrate ""]
not sure if troll or not because I have no social media access, but the information above is accurate, as far as I know and have heard in regard to that booking and promoting seems to be a labor of dedication which never pays dividends aside from the enjoyment that comes from bringing music to local/regional/beyond audiences and the love of the music. if this post is legitimate, sorry to hear and thanks.
[May 15,2019 5:41am - the_reverend ""]
I wish I could have gone to attacker.
[May 15,2019 8:23am - AUTOPSY_666 ""]
Bye Felicia.
[May 15,2019 9:56am - Dwyer Sucks  ""]

AUTOPSY_666 said:Bye Felicia.

Why don't you book shows you fucking idiot. Meet me at Jimmy's under the fireworks.

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