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Vacation Fall 12019 Day nein

[Nov 30,2019 1:07am - the_reverend ""]
Leaving my hometown later, I slept. Then I went to my hometown, worktown, and gf's town. re-visited the dogs that I forced to love me on day eight.

I stopped by my home from 0-19. When I was driving down the deadend street, I saw a car driving the other way. It was an old neighbor... like I haven't seen for 25 years. He gave me the same stink eye that we all gave anyone that came down the street. I turned around and went to his house. I asked him if he was _____ ______ and he said "yes". I said my name and he gave me a big hug. We talked for 20 minutes before I was beckoned leave. He just retired from running a homeless shelter and I look 100% homeless. I can only imagine what was going through his head.

When I got homr, I started scanning pictures, sipping whiskey, and napping. Later on, I got my kiddo and we made slime, watched a movie and now I'm about to have dinner as he is in bed.

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