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Vacation Fall 12019 Day eleven

[Dec 3,2019 2:02am - the_reverend ""]
This was Sunday. My kid slept in and then fought with me. We got up and both played video games. Around 1pm,we finally left and drove around to play Pokémon go. The kiddo wanted to go "some place else" because "this town is boring". I drove him to Newburyport to walk around and get food. He didn't want to. He wanted to walk in the woods. So I found a trail just outside of downtown Newburyport. We had a great time... But then it started getting towards sunset. The trail continued through some private property... Or so we thought. We ended up a mile or more away from the car on a bike path. He magically got too tired, etc... Took us way too long to get back to the car. I got him food and brought him back to his mother's house. As we turned in, it started snowing.

I got home and cooked, cleaned, watched YouTube, and played Witcher 3.

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