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Grindcore Doc "SLAVE TO THE GRIND" [2018] available to stream for free on youtube.

[Mar 21,2020 12:32pm - susurrate ""]


[Mar 24,2020 8:56pm - grandmotherweb ""]
watching now
[Mar 24,2020 9:06pm - grandmotherweb ""]
the Napalm Death origin segment showed a picture of the water tower at Sloss Furnaces, which is in Birmingham, AL, not Birmingham, England.

[Mar 24,2020 9:27pm - susurrate ""]
lmao I remember that place from the first season of ghost adventures
[Mar 24,2020 9:34pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I did an apprenticeship in iron casting there when I was in high school.
years later, I drove a bunch of MassArt kids there in my car to compete in the team pour competition.
all the pictures from that trip got lost when the Satanic Temple shut down my original Facebook account.

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