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RIP Louie Kouvaris (Riot ) died of COVID-19

[Mar 28,2020 8:04pm - susurrate ""]

[Mar 28,2020 10:03pm - susurrate ""]
special attn hookedonmetal
[Mar 28,2020 11:24pm - #Facts  ""]
Doesn't say coronavirus anywhere in there. Pretty sure anyone could get hit by a bus today and they'd tally it as a COVID19 death, it's already happening where people are dying of other shit but it's counted as COVID-19, it's bullshit - One woman was bugging out, her father was dying of alzheimers complications, but when he kicked, it was publicized as COVID.

Sucks about the RIOT guy though. None of us are getting any younger.
[Mar 29,2020 12:01am - susurrate ""]
"No cause of death has been revealed, but RIOT's manager Giles Lavery said Lou developed symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, over a week ago."

never met the guy. wasn't his clinician. post title based upon metal-archives, bravewords, and blabbermouth.
[Mar 29,2020 12:53pm - the_reverend ""]
This is just the beginning unfortunately
[Mar 29,2020 1:30pm - susurrate ""]
death angel drummer doesn't appear to be doing the best at the moment. on ventilator.
[Apr 2,2020 9:29pm - susurrate ""]
Will Caroll (Death Angel) recovering. Nice.
[Jun 13,2021 7:18am - Stepler716 ""]
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[Jun 18,2021 3:40am - jendavis ""]
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