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Noctu - 'Gelidae Mortis Imago' [2020] {funeral doom w/ dungeon synth influences}

[May 20,2020 12:01pm - susurrate ""]

saw a review on metalinjection as dungeon synth fueled funeral doom and i had to check it out.
[May 21,2020 8:38am - Where's the Dungeon Synth?  ""]
I don't hear any
[May 21,2020 7:20pm - susurrate ""]
here's the metal injection review

i see where you're coming from. admittedly, i am not a dungeon synth authority in any regard. i felt as though i heard 'influence' in its pacing/tonality in some of the longer tracks beyond what would be considered regular old synth-laden metal. that being said, are there any good examples of metal bands successfully fusing 'dungeon synth' into their sound?

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