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Welcome to Chechnya (2020)

[Jul 11,2020 4:49pm - grandmotherweb ""]
watching now

grandmotherweb said:

[Jul 29,2020 12:15pm - grandmotherweb ""]


"Syrian state authorities and other militias are raping gay men, boys, trans women and non-binary people.

A new report highlights sickening levels of sexual violence against LGBT+ people in the country.

Victims report how officials have raped them with sticks pushed into their anus and up to their stomach. The torture they experienced has left them bleeding and traumatized. Some of the boys who endured sexual attacks were as young as 11 years old. [...]

The interviewees say guards at checkpoints would target them because they are ‘soft looking’ or effeminate. People in prison for other reasons also faced sexual torture.

Once in detention, interrogators would intensify their torture sessions if they discovered the victims’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

Most commonly they raped men with objects, including batons, wooden sticks, pipes, and bottles. They also beat their genitals, burnt them, gave them electric shocks and mutilated them. [...]

One trans victim, Nalia, revealed her experiences in jail. The head of the prison ordered guards to move her to a cell for other inmates to rape her:

‘As soon as I entered the room I understood why I was there. I wasn’t alone experiencing this. There was a gay person… and he was also in the middle of the room and going through the same things I went through.

‘It had 30 men inside. They forced me with the gay person to have sex in front of them while beating us and cutting us with blades. Then they brought the stick of a mop and they inserted it in our anus. A strong bleeding started, and we were mutilated.’ [...]

[O]ne gay male victim, Yousef, now 28, said:

‘When they get you down, the stick is the most terrible thing…. I still have problems with my anus now. It is ruined forever. Sometimes I bleed. So I had infections inside, because all the stuff they inserted [in me] was very dirty. It happened on multiple occasions.

‘Because I was beaten on my testicles, combined with how I was sitting [how they made me sit] for a long time, I had a hernia…Because of the sticks [used to rape me], I have bruises inside. I couldn’t go to the toilet. It was really bad.’ [...]

Survivors have emotional and psychological problems, including depression, post-traumatic stress, sexual trauma, loss of hope, and paranoid thoughts.

Meanwhile they may suffer severe pain in their rectum and genitals, rectal bleeding, and muscle pain. Many have sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Shockingly, some LGBT+ people have endured even harsher treatment, particularly at the hands of Islamic State in Syria.

GSN and other media reported on multiple cases of Islamic State throwing gay men from buildings and stoning them to death. One boy they accused of being gay and murdered in this way was just 15 years old. [...]

Nor is the situation in Syria entirely out of context with the rest of the region. Many people in the Middle East favor honor killings of LGBT+ family members.

Meanwhile, as GSN again reported last month, social media users in the region often call for the murder of LGBT+ people. And social media platforms including Facebook allow these posts to remain up, even after other users flag them.

Human Rights Watch’s 77-page report is titled They Treated Us in Monstrous Ways: Sexual Violence Against Men, Boys, and Transgender Women in the Syrian Conflict."

[Aug 1,2020 8:02am - PSSST....Got a secret or you  ""]
[Aug 1,2020 9:24am - grandmotherweb ""]

grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:
grandmotherweb said:#GoDirectlyToJail

[Aug 1,2020 2:47pm - PSSST....Got a secret or you  ""]
Oh, the fake RO again....the one hand corrected....which never, ever happens....hahahahaha. This is awesome. You should make a report IMMEDIATELY. In fact, you should march rigt down to nearest police department with these posts IN HAND. DO NOT DELAY. After the cops are done laughing at you, maybe they'll grab a pizza before their shift ends as you turn around and cuss under your breath about how bad cops suck.
[Aug 1,2020 2:49pm - grandmotherweb ""]
I already called the detectives office again
[Aug 1,2020 7:27pm - PSSST....Got a secret or you  ""]
I'm sure they're hot on the case....hahahahaha
[Aug 1,2020 7:30pm - PSSST....Got a secret or you  ""]
Go back to watching Chicago PD and CSI. You're a looney. I'm sure they heard this, "Hi, this is Charlotte McFarla......". DELETE MESSAGE. FACEPALM. Then a giggle from the Detective sitting across from the poor bastard...."The looney again, huh?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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