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Deicide, Kataklysm, Internal Bleeding, and Begat the Nephlim in Machester

Jewel Music Venue (Manchester NH) - [begat_the_nephilim][deicide][internal_bleeding][kataklysm][randomshots]
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[Aug 27,2021 12:31am - the_reverend ""]
Sold out show. Sho good.
[Aug 27,2021 7:35am - Alex_C ""]
Awesome first post-pandemic (kind of) show, and it was glorious! Never listened to too much Internal Bleeding, but they were pretty kick ass, and I'll be checking them out more. Good to see you, and thanks again for always playing my requests! \m/
[Aug 27,2021 9:59am - the_reverend ""]

I went for Internal Bleeding. They have changed a lot over their career, but have a lot of awesome things. My favorite album is Driven to Conquer because that's the album I first got into them with.
[Aug 27,2021 10:00am - the_reverend ""]
Glen ended their set early... That was weir.d
[Aug 27,2021 10:33am - Alex_C ""]
He clearly wasn't happy with the sound guy handling the stage monitors and it showed. It somehow made him more evil. Didn't know that was possible. Sounded great from the crowd though.
[Aug 27,2021 8:25pm - the_reverend ""]
Yeah. The Jewel has awesome sound. I think that is the second time deicides sound guy couldn't figure out the system
[Aug 31,2021 10:55am - demondave ""]
how short was the Deicide set?
[Aug 31,2021 4:31pm - the_reverend ""]
I think it was 9 songs instead of 14?
[Sep 1,2021 2:50pm - Alex_C ""]
Damn, I thought maybe a song or two. That's a bit of a bummer. It was still awesome.

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