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RIP Matt 'gemini' Gittings (Martyrvore/cold northern vengeance)

[Jun 14,2023 10:29pm - the_reverend ""]
[Jun 14,2023 10:36pm - the_reverend ""]
RIP Matt 'gemini' Gittings (Martyrvore/col northern vengeance)

I can't edit the title for some reason
[Jun 15,2023 11:32am - arilliusbm ""]
Just heard the news.
While he had a lot of demons he battled, especially over the last decade, he was one of the most skilled song writers I ever met. RIP.
[Jun 15,2023 12:08pm - the_reverend ""]
He burned every bridge, stole, got busted, and completely screwed people over. That said, the last time I saw him, he told me able things (rehab, etc) and seemed like he was turning his life around. I expected more vitriol from this post, but it looks like he lost his battle. There are people celebrating his death, but this is another loss to drugs in our small community.
[Jun 15,2023 1:47pm - arilliusbm ""]
I don't know all the details or extent to which he ruined other peoples' lives but I have heard stories over the last decade and know he burned a lot of bridges. It's sad and unfortunate and was terrible to hear. I hate H and all the death and destruction it has brought to my own family and to those who I've met over the years in this music scene.

You're right Aaron, another loss to drugs in the small community.
[Jun 16,2023 8:58pm - the_reverend ""]
Makes me wish I released the ability to like post. Which I developed and never released because it was mostly to be used to thumbs down conquer the baphomets post
[Jun 25,2023 3:39pm - the_reverend ""]

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