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any bands interested in recording a couple songs for free with a production student?

[Mar 23,2003 5:25pm - dreadkill ""]
one of the guys in my band is an audio production student at Ai in boston. one of his current assignments is to record some tracks with a band. all bands interested must have a drummer. part of the assignment is to properly record drums. if any bands are interested, email him at silentdread@aol.com. thanks
[Mar 24,2003 1:41pm - babysbreath ""]
I'll be doing that next semester.. im a first semester student there now.
see if shallows and flats needs a demo? there right in boston/cambridge
[Mar 24,2003 2:02pm - thegreatspaldino ""]
hey... my band dysentery wouldnt mind recording a couple songs... if you are interested email me or something spalding138@yahoo.com
[Mar 30,2003 11:49pm - dreadkill ""]
[Mar 31,2003 1:28am - DeOdiumMortis ""]
I go there too, though not at the moment, cause I'm stupid and broken. How many AI kids are on this board anyway?
[Mar 31,2003 1:51am - ratt_mowe ""]
yep. i'm an AI kid.
[Mar 31,2003 6:32am - RustedAngel ""]
started there in fall 2001, dropped out in fall 2002.

might go back... when mass comm gets their shit together. heh.


[Jun 18,2015 2:10pm - Necromonger  ""]
This is a great opportunity you all should take up
[Jun 20,2015 6:31pm - RTTP autoreply bot  ""]
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