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May 31, 2003 @ El n Gee (New London, CT) with another_dead_juliet, bury_your_dead, caliban, cannae, days_gone_by, dead_by_dawn, for.her.i.can.be.a.hero, life_in_your_way, randomshots, recursion, remembering_never, shattered_realm, wasteform,

May 30, 2003 @ Oddfellas (Stratford, CT) with aka_preston, dying_in_sin, fell_from_stars, for.her.i.can.be.a.hero, invocation_of_nehek, in_pieces, madison_prep, nothing_star, post_rake_syndrome, randomshots, sacrostic, shallows_and_flats, the_failsafe_device, untold_truth,

May 29, 2003 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with crematorium, goatwhore, grave, immolation,

May 28, 2003 @ VFW (Kingston, NH) with drug_test, guns_up, the_takeover, with_honor,

May 25, 2003 @ the Met Cafe (Providence, RI) with bane, most_precious_blood, terror,

May 24, 2003 @ CLC (Southwick, Ma) with all_my_sins, bury_your_dead, dying_in_sin, fetid, kaneda, kerosene_ribbon, randomshots, swear_to_god, the_black_book_diaries, the_breathing_process, xhomicidex,

May 23, 2003 @ Elk's Lodge (York, Me) with eyes_like_autumn, randomshots, rob_and_kev, scenic_route, shallows_and_flats, since_the_flood,

May 20, 2003 @ the Roxy (Boston, Ma) with dalek, the_melvins, tomahawk,

May 18, 2003 @ random shot with dead seal,

May 17, 2003 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with randomshots,

May 17, 2003 @ The Palladium - first stage (Worcester, MA) with atreyu, bleeding_through, chimaira, converge, dysrhythmia, eighteen_visions, goatwhore, harikari, hate_eternal, lamb_of_god, meshuggah, shai_hulud, speed_kill_hate, strapping_young_lad, suffocation, super_joint_ritual, the_haunted, traumacide, unearth, uphill_battle,

May 17, 2003 @ The Palladium - second stage (Worcester, MA) with 100_demons, beyond_the_sixth_seal, blood_has_been_shed, caliban, cephalic_carnage, crematorium, darkest_hour, eviscerate, haste, himsa, kataklysm, mastodon, misery_index, pig_destroyer, the_red_chord, wasteform,

May 16, 2003 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with randomshots,

May 16, 2003 @ The Palladium - first stage (Worcester, MA) with a_life_once_lost, beyond_the_embrace, cannae, diecast, held_under, killswitch_engage, lacuna_coil, locked_in_a_vacancy, most_precious_blood, nevermore, noctuary, nora, novembers_doom, opeth, shadows_fall,

May 16, 2003 @ The Palladium - second stage (Worcester, MA) with bongzilla, found_dead_hanging, grimlock, on_broken_wings, premonitions_of_war, scarlet, the_acacia_strain, the_takeover, with_honor,

May 14, 2003 @ P.A.L. (Fall River, Ma) with in_dire_need, kenshiro, lucas, our_fate_ends, sky_cutting_stars, the_anti-star_league, the_network,

May 13, 2003 @ Live in the WUNH studios (Durham, NH) with the_auburn_system,

May 11, 2003 @ The Lucky Dog Music Hall (Worcester, MA) with akela,

May 10, 2003 @ the Pogo Club (Norwich, CT) with for.her.i.can.be.a.hero, invocation_of_nehek, shallows_and_flats, the_acacia_strain, the_breathing_process, three_broken_threads,

May 6, 2003 @ Live in the WUNH studios (Durham, NH) with maggot_feast, [Vers. 0.12][ 0.236 secs/7 queries][refresh][