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May 29, 2005 @ the House of Rock (White Marsh, MD) with aborted, amoebic_dysentery, birdflesh, bodies_lay_broken, despised_icon, general_surgery, ghoul, immolation, impaled, ion_dissonance, magrudergrind, randomshots, rotten_sound, splatterhouse, xxx_maniak,

May 28, 2005 @ the House of Rock (White Marsh, MD) with abscess, cryptopsy, gronibard, guttural_secrete, kill_the_client, leng_tche, lord_gore, misery_index, pig_destroyer, prophecy, randomshots, regurgitate, screaming_afterbirth, warscars, wormed,

May 26, 2005 @ the Library (Allston, Ma) with analog, flesh_and_blood_robot, raising_kubrick, randomshots, the_heuristic,

May 25, 2005 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with aborted, impaled, kevorkians_angels, leng_tche, malignancy, randomshots,

May 24, 2005 @ American Legion (Providence, RI) with bane_of_existence, magrudergrind, misery_index, randomshots, rotten_sound,

May 22, 2005 @ Hippodrome (Springfield, Ma) with all_that_remains, antilove, diecast, farewell_radiance, hot_black, hypersolid, ligeia, mov, once_beloved, outfall, randomshots, seemless, shoot_to_kill, state_of_fate, suffer_system, swill_merchants, tempus_mori, the_room, thirty_stones, under_falling_skies,

May 21, 2005 @ Dee Dee's Lounge (Quincy, Ma) with adolf_satan, noosebomb, randomshots, the_hidden_hand, yob,

May 20, 2005 @ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma) with continued_without_a_finding, lair_of_the_minotaur, ocean, randomshots, watchmaker,

May 20, 2005 @ the Library (Allston, Ma) with giant_haystacks, manx, protokoll, randomshots, sick_guns, the_heuristic,

May 18, 2005 @ Somerville Theater (Somerville, Ma) with porcupine_tree, randomshots, tunnels,

May 16, 2005 @ Live in the WUNH Studios (Durham, NH) with abhorred,

May 14, 2005 @ Evo's Art Space - chill room (Lowell, Ma) with chill_room, randomshots,

May 14, 2005 @ Evo's Art Space - downstairs (Lowell, Ma) with bury_the_needle, dove, eldemus_krimm, ogre, randomshots, septic_youth_command, suicide_contest, wooly_mammoth,

May 14, 2005 @ Evo's Art Space - upstairs (Lowell, Ma) with heretics_fork, ichabod, presley, randomshots, sumo, today_is_the_day, were_all_gonna_die,

May 13, 2005 @ Orpheum (Boston, Ma) with nine_inch_nails, randomshots,

May 11, 2005 @ the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) with cult_of_luna, death_by_stereo, mastodon,

May 10, 2005 @ the Living Room (Providence, RI) with akela, a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, dour_cursiva, randomshots, the_network, the_taste_of_silver,

May 7, 2005 @ Danville Fire Association Hall (Danville, Ma) with buckhunter, deadwater_drowning, life_in_your_way, mercury_switch, randomshots, the_hostage_heart,

May 7, 2005 @ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma) with hekseri, one_master, witchtomb,

May 6, 2005 @ the Station (Portland, Me) with cephalic_carnage, randomshots, shadows_fall, terror, zao,

May 4, 2005 @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom (Hampton, NH) with brand_new_sin, motorhead, randomshots, [Vers. 0.12][ 0.262 secs/3 queries][refresh][