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May 30, 2007 @ QVCC (Worcester, Ma) with apiary, astronomer, autumn_black, in_dire_need, randomshots, the_horror_story, with_no_remorse,

May 29, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with 26_beers, frank_castle_gonna_break_your_neck, minefield, out_cold, pisschrist, praxis, randomshots, weapons_grade,

May 27, 2007 @ Sonar (Baltimore, MD) with birdflesh, cripple_bastards, dead_infection, exhale_se, fuck_the_facts, ghoul, gut_de, jigsore_terror, malevolent_creation, misery_index, odious_mortem, putrescence, randomshots, retaliation, zyklon,

May 26, 2007 @ Sonar (Baltimore, MD) with brutal_truth, cock_and_ball_torture, extreme_noise_terror, flagitious_idiosyncrasy_in_the_dilapidation, foetopsy, general_surgery, gorerotted, gorod, nunwhore_commando_666, randomshots, regurgitate, rotten_sound, saprogenic, skitsystem, vomitory,

May 25, 2007 @ Sonar (Baltimore, MD) with defeatist, insect_warfare, pig_destroyer, pisschrist, putrid_pile, randomshots,

May 23, 2007 @ Baseball Tavern (Boston, Ma) with dissector, fruit_salad, ramming_speed, xxx_maniak,

May 22, 2007 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with asra, dead_infection, id, psycho,

May 20, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with extreme_noise_terror, hirudinea, iskra, it_will_end_in_pure_horror, panzerbastard, phobia, randomshots, strong_intention, toxic_narcotic,

May 19, 2007 @ A Terrible House (Winthrop, Ma) with abnormality, a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, bobby_and_brian, randomshots, the_taste_of_silver,

May 16, 2007 @ Tsongas Arena (Lowell, Ma) with heaven_and_hell, machine_head, megadeth, randomshots,

May 15, 2007 @ P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) with amoroso, coliseum, doomriders, prideswallower, randomshots, young_widows,

May 13, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with 26_beers, in_dire_need, move_the_rabbit, proteus, randomshots,

May 13, 2007 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with angelcorpse, cold_northern_vengeance, nachtmystium, randomshots, watain, witchtomb,

May 12, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with downhill_fast, living_hell, outbreak, randomshots, shere_khan, the_carrier, wake_up_call,

May 11, 2007 @ The Station (Portland, ME) with apothis, a_lesson_in_hate, bound_in_entrails, putrescine, tradition_to_kill,

May 8, 2007 @ Polish American Club (Nashua, NH) with brooks_strause, death_before_dishonor, modern_life_is_war, one_dead_three_wounded, randomshots, word_for_word,

May 6, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with bludwulf, la_fraction, mass_grave, mouth_sewn_shut, randomshots, wayward,

May 4, 2007 @ ICC Church (Allston, Ma) with atomic_ballroom_calamity, august_burns_red, chasing_victory, life_in_your_way, randomshots, see_you_next_tuesday, vanna,

May 3, 2007 @ Fox Hall (Lowell, Ma) with gaza, porphyria, randomshots, the_network, the_taste_of_silver,

May 3, 2007 @ Mark's Showplace (Bedford, NH) with otep,

May 2, 2007 @ Dover Brick House (Dover, NH) with gaza, mortis_deveia, neversaynever, randomshots, the_network, [Vers. 0.12][ 2.076 secs/3 queries][refresh][