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Jul 31, 2005 @ Harpers Ferry (Allston, Ma) with burn_in_silence, farewell_radiance, hell_within, pillory, screams_of_erida, the_departed, what_once_was,

Jul 30, 2005 @ the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) with burn_my_remains, death_without_weeping, feed_us_fetus, ira, perpetual_winter, porphyria, raising_kubrick, randomshots, torn_asunder,

Jul 26, 2005 @ the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) with between_the_buried_and_me, from_a_second_story_window, randomshots, the_acacia_strain, the_red_chord,

Jul 24, 2005 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with big_business, kayo_dot, pelican, the_panthers,

Jul 22, 2005 @ Giza (Providence, RI) with cause_for_alarm, hammer_bros, harleys_war, have_heart, murphys_law, randomshots, shoot_to_kill,

Jul 20, 2005 @ Giza (Providence, RI) with a_perfect_murder, into_the_moat, raising_kubrick, randomshots, soilent_green, watch_them_die,

Jul 17, 2005 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with buried_inside, conifer, grief, id, kevorkians_angels, magrudergrind, ocean, randomshots, syzslak, unearthly_trance, wet_nurse,

Jul 16, 2005 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with circle_of_dead_children, phobia, randomshots,

Jul 15, 2005 @ Tweeter Center - main stage (Mansfield, Ma) with black_label_society, in_flames, mudvayne, randomshots, shadows_fall,

Jul 15, 2005 @ Tweeter Center - second stage (Mansfield, Ma) with arch_enemy, as_i_lay_dying, a_dozen_furies, bury_your_dead, gizmachi, it_dies_today, killswitch_engage, mastodon, randomshots, rob_zombie, soilwork, the_black_dahlia_murder, the_haunted, trivium,

Jul 14, 2005 @ Roller Kingdom - lasertag stage (Hudson, Ma) with akela, as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying, as_long_as_were_all_the_hound, a_loss_for_words, bloodletter, death_to_tyrants, dying_for_it, manx, protokoll, randomshots, the_chinese_stars, the_heuristic, the_hound, trinity_test,

Jul 14, 2005 @ Roller Kingdom - main stage (Hudson, Ma) with darkbuster, on_the_surface, read_yellow, sparrows, therefore_i_am, they_and_the_children, the_superspecs, will_brierly_and_the_roller_holsters,

Jul 14, 2005 @ Roller Kingdom - second main stage (Hudson, Ma) with a_trillion_barnacle_lapse, francine, kevin_devine, mary_lou_lord, steel_train, the_city_on_film, the_number_twelve_looks_like_you, tides,

Jul 1, 2005 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with coliseum, defcon_4, hirax, municipal_waste, randomshots, [Vers. 0.12][ 0.195 secs/7 queries][refresh][