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Jul 29, 2007 @ Tiger's Den (Brockton, MA) with agnostic_front, colin_of_arabia, cut_throat, freya, palehorse, pledge_of_resistance, subzero,

Jul 27, 2007 @ United Methodist Church (Woburn, Ma) with astronomer, fjord, pathogenic, randomshots, rosetta, these_are, the_minor_times,

Jul 26, 2007 @ O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA) with dysentery, intestinal_strangulation, porphyria, proteus, randomshots, sexcrement,

Jul 25, 2007 @ VFW (Manchester, NH) with always_and_forever, astrada, a_timely_demise, emmure, flyash, only_blood_will_tell, randomshots, stilleto, the_banner, the_handshake_murders,

Jul 20, 2007 @ VFW (Manchester, NH) with a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, chaos_character, even_death_may_die, hated, heretic_hybrid, iridescent_exposure, randomshots, the_combine, the_jonah_veil,

Jul 19, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with coliseum, engineer, the_helm, tombs, transistor_transistor,

Jul 18, 2007 @ Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA) with annihilation_time, criminal_damage, defcon_4, libyans, randomshots, weapons_grade,

Jul 17, 2007 @ the Station (Portland, ME) with after_the_fear, dark_faith, paths_of_possession, the_black_mass_ritual, vivesect,

Jul 13, 2007 @ B.B. Kings (NYC, NY) with annunaki, immortal, randomshots,

Jul 10, 2007 @ Sirens (Milford, NH) with at_the_throne_of_judgment, beneath_the_sky, born_of_osiris, catherine, corsetta, winds_of_plague,

Jul 8, 2007 @ Dover Brick House (Dover, NH) with acariya, dour_cursiva, last_chance_to_reason, the_if_in_life, the_internet, the_world_series,

Jul 7, 2007 @ Knights of Columbus (Pepperell, MA) with cruel_hand, drug_test, hammer_bros, outbreak, randomshots, resist, shipwreck, wake_up_call, word_for_word,

Jul 6, 2007 @ the Palladium (Worcester, Ma) with as_blood_runs_black, beneath_the_massacre, cattle_decapitation, cephalic_carnage, decapitated, in_dire_need, ion_dissonance, necrophagist, randomshots, the_faceless, zircon,

Jul 5, 2007 @ VFW (Manchester, NH) with apsiody, george_orwell_the_musical, kill_the_messenger, never_the_next_day, of_the_betrayed, only_blood_will_tell, pregnancy_scare, psyopus, randomshots, severyn, undying_breed, [Vers. 0.12][ 0.257 secs/3 queries][refresh][