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Nov 29, 2003 @ Club Marque (Worcester, MA) with backstabbers_inc, ion_dissonance, mourning_red_sky, psyopus, terminally_your_aborted_ghost, the_number_twelve_looks_like_you,

Nov 28, 2003 @ VFW (Amherst, Ma) with all_my_sins, conflict_of_interest, funeral_in_fame, hollywood, randomshots, terminally_your_aborted_ghost, what_weapons_bring_war,

Nov 25, 2003 @ Bridgewater State (Bridgewater, Ma) with beyond_the_sixth_seal, in_dire_need, randomshots, ravage, terminally_your_aborted_ghost, trinity_test,

Nov 22, 2003 @ the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH) with ascendancy, goratory, gorgasm, pyaemia, severed_savior, spawn_of_possession,

Nov 21, 2003 @ the Chopping Block (Boston, Ma) with demoncy, forest_of_impaled, hell-born, hirudinea, methadrone, randomshots,

Nov 15, 2003 @ NJ Metal Fest - First Stage (Asbury Park, NJ) with all_that_remains, bleeding_through, cradle_of_filth, deicide, hate_eternal, mastodon, moonspell, nile, nora, scarlet, suffocation, the_end, type_o_negative, unearth, wasteform, watch_them_die,

Nov 15, 2003 @ NJ Metal Fest - Second Stage (Asbury Park, NJ) with all_out_war, between_the_buried_and_me, biohazard, byzantine, cattle_decapitation, crematorium, daughters, dew_scented, diabolic, flesh_grind, krisiun, malignancy, misery_index, mortician, most_precious_blood, remembering_never, scar_culture, supervillian, the_killing, the_red_chord, today_is_the_day,

Nov 15, 2003 @ NJ Metal Fest - Third Stage (Asbury Park, NJ) with avatar, beyond_the_flesh, deny_all, p.o.w, severance,

Nov 14, 2003 @ NJ Metal Fest - First Stage (Asbury Park, NJ) with backstabbers_inc, children_of_bodom, danzig, dimmu_borgir, held_under, human_decline, hypocrisy, morbid_angel, nevermore, novembers_doom, sinai_beach, super_joint_ritual, the_black_dahlia_murder,

Nov 14, 2003 @ NJ Metal Fest - Second Stage (Asbury Park, NJ) with a_life_once_lost, a_perfect_murder, beyond_the_embrace, cannae, devildriver, devin_townsend_band, dysrhythmia, from_a_second_story_window, full_blown_chaos, lick_golden_sky, love_is_red, premonitions_of_war, randomshots, scars_of_tomorrow, strapping_young_lad, symphony_x, the_promise, the_takeover, withered_earth,

Nov 12, 2003 @ the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH) with haste, randomshots, since_the_flood, stretch_arm_strong, with_honor,

Nov 9, 2003 @ Middle East (Cambridge, Ma) with conifer, disengaged, phantom_limb, randomshots, red_invasion, the_network,

Nov 7, 2003 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with anal_cunt, devildriver, morbid_angel, randomshots, super_joint_ritual,

Nov 6, 2003 @ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma) with ascendancy, a_terrible_night_for_a_curse, dystophy, randomshots,

Nov 5, 2003 @ AS220 (Providence, RI) with 16, backstabbers_inc, fourhorse, randomshots, there_were_wires,

Nov 1, 2003 @ O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma) with bane_of_existence, corkskrew, gut, phantom_limb, randomshots, random_acts_of_violence, [Vers. 0.12][ 0.201 secs/7 queries][refresh][