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My_Dying_Bride @ Nov 4,2012 7:55pm
moved to waltham in sept. is CB playing anything in boston soon? I'd like to see you doods
My_Dying_Bride @ Oct 24,2012 11:29am
living in waltham with my girlfriend, going to school for engineering. Are you up here in the boston area?
paganmegan @ Dec 22,2007 5:11am
So, did you send "the general" any sound files yet??
good luck with that shit, write me on myspace
My_Dying_Bride @ May 8,2007 10:07pm
Perun's Shore

When is Coffin Borth playing again? I wanna get a show lined up with CB, (or Zircon too!)

dreadkill @ Dec 4,2006 12:47pm
ok anthony ok i will call you anthony and everything else!
EatMyFuck @ Oct 7,2006 12:21am
Just thought Id say HI since I see u at every show I go to!
GOD @ Dec 15,2004 12:16pm
do you believe?
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