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Radikult_Dirt_Biker @ Jul 11,2014 9:20am
My mom's dropping me off at the Razer at 4pm. Wanna come jump dirt bikes with me?
real_shutup_fagget @ May 9,2014 1:31pm
shutup fagget
TimRiley @ Dec 10,2013 2:12pm
THIS is the real tim haha
HraesvelgrNHBM @ Aug 5,2012 10:14pm
Thanks, Jim. We should be ready to play out by the end of October. Music will be a bit different than Vaettir. More stripped down, I guess you could say. Would be most superior to share the stage with Herugrim!
the_reverend @ Jan 30,2011 6:47pm
posbleak @ Oct 25,2010 2:39pm
IDK where we'd have met, but say hello if you ever see Sean and I out!
ProgMetalDrumr @ Jul 30,2010 11:04pm
if you want to hear some of my music, i can only send you the actual music, you will have to play on a piano or read it off of tab and music notation. i dont have any recordings of it. the only recordings i have of me playing are back home in texas.
JackGrants @ Feb 3,2010 9:05pm
Hey man,
Long time no speak, I've just been on the forum after some time and I saw you were interested in trading. Have a look at my list here (http://www.metal-archives.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=62104) and tell me if you're interested in something.
Eli_hhcb @ Sep 22,2009 3:01pm
ddrummer @ Jul 5,2009 5:41pm
hey man whats up?
just wanted to talk, havent talked t you since all the shit went down.
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