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Chris_From_Shit_Fuck @ Mar 23,2007 5:55pm
haha everytime I try and book a show with you guys and us for some reason it falls through. I'm going to be doing a show in May for another Scumfuc thursday and would want you guys to headline. As of right now I have Whoremastery and SF booked for it, and IWEIPH will most likely play. If you're down let me know
Dissector @ Feb 4,2006 3:06pm
Eddie is having a party and wants to know if EC would want to play in his living room next Friday. Shit Fuck already confirmed.
Whoremastery @ Sep 16,2005 2:02pm
wish you could come to the show tonite..we will be recording in the next month for that split!
Chris_From_Shit_Fuck @ Aug 21,2005 10:45pm
paganmegan @ Jul 19,2005 2:28pm
attack of the t baggin bag lady
Christraper @ Jun 12,2005 1:13pm
when do i get one of your demos you little bastard???
Christraper @ Jun 12,2005 1:12pm
i took jesus' hole....
Boots @ Apr 13,2005 11:03am
you should meet someone outside the club, someone that has already been in the club and have them give you their id? the problem is finding someone that looks like you. I\'ve done it before
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