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FuckIsMySignature @ Jul 13,2012 1:33pm
whats your fuckin deal man? i thought we hashed this out on FB a while ago.
ZJD @ Dec 19,2007 12:48am
You arent online and I'm out of my house by 8:30 tomorrow. Give me a call whenever you can tomorrow about jamming. I figure meeting at about 5 would be good, but let me know whats up. I'm going to be in class taking final exams so if I don't pick up just leave a message.
yummy @ Jun 9,2007 6:48pm
hey my phone is working now but I lost all my #'s so hey....how bout yours?
yummy @ Jun 2,2007 6:45pm
That's a beautiful thing right there. Very nice. So, this Monday should be a go? You're going to have one hell of a sleeping adjustment. Do you have the summer off from school and that's why you're working days now?
yummy @ Mar 4,2007 12:41pm
what's up?
yummy @ Mar 3,2007 8:54pm
Sunday will work out pretty well for me. Sometime after 12:00. Unfortunately my basement flooded from all the rain on Friday so I don't think it would be a good idea to do it at my place. I live on Ten Rod Rd in Exeter in a duplex. I've never actually jammed here with anyone but on certain days my neighbors are not home so those would work out better. I'll try and talk to them tomorrow and see what they are up to. A 6 year old girl lives there so they wouldn't be too fond of noise while she's home. I'll keep in touch. By the way, I can play a little drums myself (not that great). My guitar style is somewhat of a technical metal and grind influence. Not sure if that's your bag but I'm down for anything.
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