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the_reverend @ Dec 22,2007 3:35pm

I figured you would like that.
Retzam @ Aug 1,2005 7:46pm
nothin much man, yourself?
Abbath @ May 1,2005 3:30pm
dooder what\'s been happening?
GOD @ Dec 15,2004 12:26pm
do you believe?
Retzam @ Nov 14,2004 4:02pm
Reading the messages on that bored piss me off. I tend to like music for what the music is, not the sub-culture surrounding it, so therefore they hate me, hahaha.
swamplorddvm @ Oct 22,2004 2:06pm
Yo! Join us! It's not just abunch of nazis.
Hail Satan!
Retzam @ Oct 5,2004 11:05pm
What the hell, I've never noticed that there are comments in here?
Radical_Dirt_Biker @ Sep 26,2004 6:40pm
wanna go jump dirt bikes at the Razer with me?
Abbath @ Aug 5,2004 2:23am
god i'm bored
Abbath @ May 25,2004 10:47pm
look above
it speaks the truth
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