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Breaking_Wheel @ Dec 30,2007 2:36pm
I'm a little slow...just saw this, hahah. We're hitting the studio next month for our full length. Can't wait. -Pete
Breaking_Wheel @ Oct 30,2007 2:44pm
Thanks, glad to be a part of this kick ass community.
bradmann @ Jul 16,2007 2:07pm
no worries...it's a nice reminder of a badass show
paganmegan @ Jun 9,2007 12:57pm
Mallika is an inspi-fukkin-ration
magh8 @ Aug 27,2006 6:00pm
I still gotta say you guys kicked ass last night at least what I got to check out of your set...I kept telling Dan he's fired----mark GOREALITY
DEATH2ALL @ Jun 22,2006 1:34am
Sundaramurthy gots a long ass tongue!
whiskey_weed_and_women @ Jan 19,2006 7:59pm
crazy white folk
DEATH2ALL @ Dec 28,2005 1:38am
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