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SkinSandwich @ Mar 15,2011 10:53am

jimmyroor @ Jan 24,2011 1:26pm
so i stopped home for a minute the other day and grabbed the baby paste tab so i'm currently trying to learn that. i have the demo and the 3 new songs with me so i'm doin my best with learning by ear but a lot of riffs i just can't figure out without being shown. i'll be in touch more when i get my phone back within a couple weeks. maybe sooner
IvoryandSteel @ Sep 17,2009 10:41am
FuckIsMySignature @ Aug 18,2009 1:15pm
hey steve-dya brought up a good point about the band order... would you guys mind opening up this show. would be good to get peeps in the door early.. plus if the fans of only Tool's music (lamers lol) cant take the brutality they can peace out after your set.
FuckIsMySignature @ Apr 16,2009 10:29am
hey i have a couple fridays in may...just wonderin if you guys wanna play again. more people will prob come now that they know you are legit.
corpus_colostomy @ Apr 11,2009 8:11am
whats happening tuesday eve yo?
corpus_colostomy @ Apr 10,2009 8:20am
Gimme a buzz bro. we gotta start smoking and rapping ideas. i know we are like minded doods...we have much to unearth.

781 561 5878
FuckIsMySignature @ Mar 29,2009 11:40pm
hey man send that fedex to:

Tom Gretschel
27 Boyce St
Auburn MA 01501

-just have the driver release it

ALSO- have proposition of the music nature for you... putting together a solid bluesy heavy rock project and need drums. let me know if ur interested.
boblovesmusic @ Feb 11,2009 11:49am
I know that Jim Fitzpatrick could be a common name, but I got a phone call at work from a Jim Fitzpatrick! Was it you? If so, that's hilarious!
FuckIsMySignature @ Jan 18,2009 12:18pm
Hey man i have not so good news. Would you be super pissed if i had to bail on this trip? I have 3 reasons why due to a recent change in circumstances. A.) My bonus is signifigantly less than i thought it would be B.) I had to waste half my vaca time out sick with Strep and C.) I'd much rather put the remainder of funds/vaca time towards MDF. Let me know your thoughts.

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