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Aegathis @ Sep 14,2007 12:55am
lets make some unholy laundry happen, most unholy and Nordic that is
deathchick @ Jun 14,2007 11:46pm
hey megan, i just read the comments you left me, weird. that pictures cd did work, thanks a bunch. let's make some unholy castration happen.
poop @ Jun 5,2007 2:34pm
yo pagan megan, this is josh from valhalla (R.I.P), i was wondering if you had any space on the bill for our band we started a few months ago
we're on myspace.com/perunsshore
thanks a lot
its with matt (my_dying_bride)
deathchick @ Nov 10,2006 4:16pm
hailz megan! The new Hekseri songs kill! I want a CD next time I see you.
Granny_Monster @ Nov 5,2006 1:21pm
You make me want to lick envelopes
Kevord @ Oct 6,2006 4:54pm
3 nights and 3 shows. Plus I had to work today and tomorrow. I'll be dead by sunday.
Abbath @ Apr 25,2006 4:14pm
ya you haven't updated since nov 2005, nevermind!
Abbath @ Apr 25,2006 4:13pm
very odd, i've been religiously listening to hammerheart myself these past few weeks. most impressive!
GOD @ Dec 15,2004 12:24pm
do you believe?
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