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TheFuckingJackson @ Oct 6,2010 11:08am
Brocifer, it's Jackson from VT. I finally have a new band and we need to play together again. email me pleease.

Josh_hates_you @ Apr 27,2010 4:56pm
deadlikemurf @ May 6,2007 4:21am
grundlegremlin @ Aug 1,2006 4:36pm
Where's Max
Sacreligion @ May 4,2006 2:18am
that's an impressive string of dates you got goin there...any luck finding places for the ones you weren't sure of yet?

also, did you book all those yourself or did you have outside assistance?

anyhow, good luck to you guys...im gonna try and swing by the birthday party(i might be high when i get there though, as to avoid drug usage at said place)
Abbath @ Apr 24,2006 1:35pm
hey man chin up, everyone is just jealous that your cock is huge
bradmann @ Nov 27,2005 3:12am
i think there's some metal on your face
crucial_max @ Aug 24,2005 1:03am
sven89 @ Jun 14,2005 11:36pm
you can im me at ominura89@hotmail.com
Blue @ Jan 19,2005 12:25am
pooey pooey poo.
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