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HailTheLeaf @ Sep 26,2006 3:55pm
So, I rent a car and drive down to Newport yesterday for band practice and I get ambushed. Jay shows up and proceeds to bitch me out for 15 minutes, basically implying that he and Tim do everything and I'm not doing enough for the band...You might have to read that last one twice. I've missed a whopping 2 practices, so my lifestyle (not having a car apparently) is supposedly affecting the band and Jay thinks I'm holding back their progess. (pause for laughter)...there's more but it would be alot to type, but long story short, I have doubts as to whether this will be resolved in a manner that includes the band staying together unless he pulls his head of of his ass really fast, so...know any drummers?
XxBlackScreamsxX @ Apr 25,2005 9:28pm
Hey whats up man this is the vocalist of Shadows of the Unseen. A melodic black thrash band from southern Ma. We\'re just trying to get out there and really could use some help getting on some shows this summer... We\'ve been through a few line up changes and hooked up with the drummer of the accursed and shit\'s sounding pretty tight. you can check us out at www.shadowsoftheunseen.vze.com or www.myspace.com/shadowsoftheunseen Hope to hear from you soon you can email me at asouza3843@aol.com hope to hear from you soon Aaron -l-
hardhead @ Mar 31,2005 11:39pm
who said anything about the underground
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