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Two unmastered tracks from the upcoming 'Children Of The Dying Sun e.p. 'To Welcome Death.' @ Oct 19,2010 11:21am
10/26@Max's Blues Cafe- Knuckle Up, Change Today, Terror Rising, Children Of The Dying Sun, Betrayed By Prophecy, Loose Endz, Drive Thru Fire. @ Oct 19,2010 11:19am
11/19@Max;s Blues Cafe- The Judas Syndrome, The Sons Of Kate Elder, Terror Rising, Betrayed By Prophecy, And All Was Silent, Children Of The Dying Sun, HIVESMASHER, Avira. @ Oct 19,2010 11:19am
Dave Maggot Departs COMPOSTED; Vocalist (or guitarist) Needed! @ Mar 25,2010 3:44pm
RTTP live again from the heart of new england's winter world. lissten! @ Feb 1,2010 11:04pm
drunk @ Jan 30,2010 2:05am
drunk @ Jan 30,2010 1:52am
drunk @ Jan 28,2010 12:52am
drunk @ Jan 28,2010 12:37am
drunk @ Jan 28,2010 12:34am
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