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Bill Nighy to voice Smaug in the hobbit @ Oct 29,2010 7:20pm
Fuck kids, play farmville or GTFO of life! mother of the year award @ Oct 29,2010 6:35pm
Mike Huckabee for torche? @ Oct 27,2010 10:15pm
DevilDriver announces name and date of the new album. click here to find out the skinny on this heavy band @ Oct 25,2010 9:08pm
Dilapidated Enterprises Presents: Sun Oct 24 @ O'Brien's in Allston MA - A Benefit for Abacinate's Jason Sica w/ DYSENTERY, HIVESMASHER, SCALPEL & IMBROGLIO (NY) @ Oct 22,2010 12:24am
New posters for MSD and Pedobear... @ Oct 17,2010 8:01am
PIRU LOVE @ Oct 9,2010 1:42am
i am so fucking sick of seeing the word "bullying" in the news @ Oct 8,2010 12:33pm
The Music Gym needs suggestions for a new location @ Oct 8,2010 12:21pm
Basement (France), Hero(n), Whitey, Moons @ obriens @ Sep 24,2010 5:07pm
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