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Attn Fellow Metalheads and Nerds! I present to you a Free Powerglove show/gaming extravaganza this Friday @ Aug 5,2006 3:04pm
All ages show April 21st at the American Legion in Somerville! @ Apr 10,2006 2:37pm
Need a band to headline an all ages show in Somerville on April 21st @ Apr 1,2006 1:10pm
Carpal Tunnel @ Mar 10,2006 2:47pm
Ex Porphyria/Revengeance/Abaroth bassist looking for band @ Dec 12,2005 4:03pm
So i'm playing bass for Porphyria now @ Aug 5,2005 8:39pm
Attention: Nick Vial @ Aug 13,2005 2:21pm
Revengeance finally releases some mp3's (free demo inside) @ Jul 30,2005 11:49am
Sacreligion, Devil in the Kitchen, Revengeance, Perpetual Winter. @ May 18,2005 2:04am
Abaroth shirts available @ Mar 30,2005 1:19am
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