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Lowell Based Technical Metal Band Seeks Bassist @ Mar 23,2016 3:36pm
Animals As Leaders @ Oct 15,2009 12:14pm
Experimental Death Metal band The Summoned seeks a new guitarist @ Aug 4,2011 8:26am
Guitarist Jake Kelleher has decided to part ways with The Summoned @ Jul 28,2011 9:59am
Crashing your vehicle in a snow storm...you're doing it wrong. @ Feb 2,2011 9:11am
Nov. 6th - Thirsty Fest 6 feat. Arsonists Get All The Girls, Ion Dissonance, Within The Ruins, And Hell Followed With, Structures, The Summoned, Conforza, & More @ Rocko's @ Sep 18,2010 1:47pm
New songs from The Summoned now online! @ Oct 4,2010 10:42am
Rocko's - The No Mercy Tour feat. Suffokate, The Red Shore, King Conquer, Murder Death Kill, & And Hell Came With, Conforza, The Summoned, Desiccation, & More @ Sep 10,2010 10:34am
Any bands want to play a show this Friday (7/23) @ Milly's Tavern w/The Summoned, Meatsaw, & Finisher? @ Jul 20,2010 9:40pm
7/17 - Nefarious Realm Presents: BIRTHFEST w/The Breathing Process, The Summoned, The Holwell Account, & More @ The Honey Fitz @ Jul 17,2010 12:52am
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