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Tuesday April 17th, Enemy Remains, Fight Till The End, Soul Remnants, Mortalis @ Apr 6,2007 3:33pm
Sat March 8: Suffocation, Totality, Soul Remnants @ Brighton Music Hall @ Mar 2,2014 4:18pm
holy shit soul remnants needs a fucking drummer @ Jun 2,2010 7:02pm
08/02 Death Metal in Manchester @ Jul 30,2008 4:27pm
Soul Remnants reunited with bass player, adds second guitarist @ Jul 23,2008 2:08pm
Soul Remnants needs a bass player. @ Jan 19,2008 2:03pm
Soul fucking Remnants looking for a bass player (again) @ Oct 19,2007 8:34pm
Dirtnap Entertainment presents Anal Cunt, Beyond Revenge, Burn My Remains, Goreality, Jennings, Judecca, Of the Betrayed, & Soul Remnants @ Apr 29,2007 1:43am
March 2nd show: soul remnants, abnormality, downfall, legion of dying, anomia, nocturnum, forevers fallen grace @ Jan 28,2007 2:24pm
soul remnants needs a bass player @ Jul 24,2006 7:25pm
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