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the arizona diamondbacks would be better with king diamond batting cleanup @ Feb 27,2010 1:59am
diamond darrell would still be alive if he changed his name to king diamond instead of dimebag @ Feb 27,2010 2:00am
diamond engagement rings from jared would be better if they were from king diamond @ Feb 27,2010 2:02am
diamonds are forever would be a better movie with king diamond as 007 @ Feb 27,2010 2:06am
chiodos tried to kill himself @ Jul 24,2008 3:55pm
MAYHEM To Tour North America In April @ Jan 26,2010 9:17am
Danvers High School says students canít say Ďmeepí @ Nov 12,2009 3:39pm
RIP Chuck Biscuits @ Oct 29,2009 11:11am
KISS Fan Arrested For Urinating On Woman At Boston Concert @ Oct 8,2009 12:26am
i just drank spoiled milk @ Mar 7,2005 11:49am
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