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this friday @ as220 : SAINT JUDE. VILLIANER. MOUTH OF FLOWERS. DAVID CARRADINE. @ Dec 12,2010 6:17pm
HUGE SHOW OCTOBER 3RD IN PROVIDENCE! verse-the body-advocate-saint jude-wasteland @ Sep 22,2008 8:01pm
last 2 saint jude shows for awhile, fun will be had @ May 23,2008 12:40pm
april 27th 2008 DISFEAR in providence @ Apr 10,2008 12:23pm
verse, soul control, saint jude, i rise, maintain hardcore matinee september 9th @ Aug 16,2007 3:48pm
tomorrow, as220 ASSHOLE PARADE (last tour, ever.) THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, BREATHING FIRE, SAINT JUDE @ Mar 20,2007 9:38am
reasons i like the rev @ May 15,2006 10:20am
just something you should do on february 8th @ Jan 12,2006 6:30pm
MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT in PVD on OCTOBER 19TH @ Oct 5,2005 2:02am
FREE SHOW ON SATURDAY @ Oct 27,2004 1:51am
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