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Post your favorite classic hardcore albums here @ Aug 22,2012 11:48pm
An official "discuss new grindcore" thread for RTTP @ Aug 19,2011 11:25pm
Wed 7/18 at the Funky Jungle (Providence): Exogorth (WA), Totes Brute (WA), David Carradine, Insufferable Ingrate, Dick Move @ Jun 18,2012 11:29am
My new band, INSUFFERABLE INGRATE @ Nov 16,2011 8:20pm
Interludes @ Jun 12,2012 10:35am
ATTN: Ghoulash @ Jun 11,2012 1:44am
WED MAY 16TH AT FIREHOUSE 13 IN PVD: Spewtilator (GA), Death of Kings (GA), Witch King, Insufferable Ingrate @ Mar 6,2012 10:57pm
FRI MAY 11TH AT SPACE JAM/FUNKY JUNGLE (PVD): Six Brew Bantha (BC), Misanthropic Noise, Socialized Death Sentence, Insufferable Ingrate @ Mar 28,2012 1:13am
Who here is familiar with Stone Titan? @ Apr 9,2012 10:40am
March 31st at Sealbeard's in Allston: Thulsa Doom, Disaster Strikes, David Carradine, Opposition Rising, Insufferable Ingrate @ Jan 30,2012 5:53pm
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