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Former GRIP INC. Singer GUS CHAMBERS Dead At 52 @ Oct 17,2008 11:23am
Who needs a ride? @ Oct 16,2008 12:58pm
Attn RTTP record nerds and/or filthy downloaders... HELP! @ Sep 19,2008 10:57am
Where's Pusher Robot when you need him? @ Apr 28,2008 4:45pm
Anyone wanna buy one of my snare drums? @ Jan 21,2008 4:17pm
12/15/07 Smite the Righteous, Graves Over Autumn & Woodchipper Demise at the New Wave Cafe @ Dec 10,2007 8:28pm
December 8th show at Aurora @BandStand Live: Smite the Righteous, Inner Self Lost, Disciple of the Cursed (Formerly Do I Exist), Dragged Under, Darkness Embraced @ Nov 16,2007 9:13am
Tonight (10/20) at the New Wave Cafe in New Bedford @ Oct 20,2007 2:32pm
Metal & Hardcore shirts for sale... @ Sep 27,2007 10:58am
Deadguy... discuss... @ Sep 18,2007 10:58pm
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