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Dwyer is happy any time someone is worse off than him... And it takes dying of head trauma to be worse off that Dwyer @ May 30,2018 9:35pm
ITT: Everyone point and laugh at "Still Well Angel" pay-to-playing an "audition for Warner Bros. Records" @ Nov 20,2014 11:13am
Parks and Recreation Appreesh @ Jan 20,2010 11:08am
Everyone Point And Laugh: CSDO Puts Slayer and Metallica logos on a flyer for their own show @ Jan 6,2017 10:14pm
The Martinettis Bring Home A Macintosh (lol @ old computer ads) @ May 4,2009 9:58am
Impaled Northern Moonforest Video @ Mar 12,2007 11:23am
Tommy Dice & the Hardcores: An Objective Thread @ May 8,2012 2:32pm
Metalcore Band Calls Anchors Up "Racist" - Backpedals When Asked to Explain @ Jul 10,2014 10:27am
Pissed off owl in a box photos need captions @ Jan 14,2010 1:09pm
The Men of RTTP 2007 Calendar @ Dec 8,2006 1:36pm
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