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Who remembers FORMICIDE?

[Feb 11,2008 9:57pm - MASlayer  ""]
I don't think I could play half of what we wrote back then...at least not without SERIOUS practice which I have no time for
[Feb 12,2008 9:22am - Antman  ""]
Yes Rob i got the DVD's and the ywere great. Hard to believe thats how Formicide actually started. Who would have thought? Great memories. Great songs and a little comedy show between songs. The good old days. I talk to Eric alot but rarely see or speak with Kevin. I will pass on you regards. Me? Right now i am on the other side of the planet in Thailand, so i don't miss the cold!!! Good to hear from you bro!!
[Oct 10,2008 10:14pm - anonymous  ""]
Boston Thrash Seen! Brings back memories.......enjoying the new metallica.....about time.
[Feb 24,2009 9:47am - anonymous  ""]
I do. I formed the band with Peter Picone.
[Feb 24,2009 9:50am - reimroc ""]
NE's thrash scene is still going strong and its awesome
[Apr 11,2011 10:05pm - anonymous  ""]
damn, talk about memories, i have a four song tape of formicide i actually got from Glen Ford. I worked with that fucker lol
[Nov 15,2011 12:34am - Rondeau  ""]
Found this online by accident. Fun to read, better to have been there...
[Nov 15,2011 1:02am - BSV  ""]
pretty awesome thread....i ignored it in 06 but am happy i just scrolled through. nice lil history lesson.
[Nov 15,2011 1:57am - Randy_Marsh ""]
kid (kind sir)....i ignored your dad in 06.
[Jan 4,2015 3:15am - Masscosca  ""]
I recently started looking for old demos from bands of our awesome scene back in the day, will pay if they are decent quality. Bands interested in are:
Cardinal Sin
Hearing Impaired
Blind Surgeon
Toxic Narcotic
Candy Striper Death Orgy
I do have about 10 Demos and 7 Only Living Witness and Sam Black albums to trade with too.
Thank you, great memories
[Jan 4,2015 7:29pm - MASlayer  ""]
I have Demise, Cardinal Sin,Infestation's 2nd demo, Scarcin...would be willing to trade
[Jul 23,2015 12:20pm - anonymous  ""]
Yes some were from Methuen....I'm working on a release in vinyl and CD with pumped up sound....facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=338119689556513
[May 15,2018 10:22pm - anonymous  ""]
I know this has been dead for some time now, but does anyone have the Poseidon demo?
[May 17,2018 12:08am - Buttseksdoe  ""]
""I do have about 10 Demos and 7 Only Living Witness and Sam Black albums to trade with too. ""

I want them all, deep inside me.

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