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Pop Quiz! Prescription Drug or Metal Band? @ Nov 13,2006 7:15pm
song stuck in your head... for 3 days @ May 18,2005 3:10pm
attn: everyone on myspace, especially if you like hotdogs/veggie dogs @ May 4,2005 10:01am
North Korea may have bought a nuke from Pakistan @ Jan 27,2005 11:40am
narcokleptocracy: drug money-funded Peruvian death metal? @ Jan 25,2005 5:05am
somewhat credible article on death metal from florida newspaper... until the last paragraph, that is. @ Dec 23,2004 9:25am
newspaper article calling metal fans semi-human barbarians is actually a joke on metal fans! @ Dec 15,2004 3:43am
for the bored and/or religious @ Dec 14,2004 9:57am
I like the forecast for Wednesday! @ Dec 13,2004 5:10am
early immortal video, download for awesome hilarity @ Nov 19,2004 5:34am
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